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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Punukulu | Punugulu | A deep fried dish made from Idli/Dosa batter

Punugulu aka Punukulu is a deep fried dish made from left over Idli/Dosa batter. Its a very popular evening snack in Coastal Andhra. Its a great way of using up the left over Idli/Dosa batter. Personally i prefer using Dosa batter to make the punukulu.

This is a deep fried snack, which can be enjoyed with some Hot coffee or tea. If you are looking for a healthier version of this snack, try making Gunta Pongananlu with it. I have already blogged Gunta Ponganalu recipe.

  • Left over Dosa/Idli batter - 2 cups
  • Rice flour - 4 tsps ( or adjust acc to how thick your dosa batter is)
  • Chopped Green chilly- 4 or red chillypowder to taste
  • Grated carrot - 2 tsps (optional)
  • Chopped ginger - 1 tsp
  • Medium chopped onion-1
  • Cumin seeds -1 tsp
  • Few coriander and curry leaves chopped
  • Salt to taste and
  • Oil for deep frying


 Take the dosa batter  and add the rice flour and rest of the ingredients- chopped onion, green chilly, carrot,cumin seeds, chopped ginger, salt and chopped coriander,curry leaves. Mix.

Make sure the batter is slightly thick in consitency.

Now take oil for deep frying. When the oil gets hot, drop in spoonfulls of the batter. Do not over crowd the pan.

If the oil is in the right temperature, very soon the punukulu will float to the top.

Fry on both sides in medium heat till golden brown.

Enjoy as is or with some chuntney of your choice.


  1. Wow punugulu my favourite childhood evening snack

  2. Great for this weather Madhavi, I make these with L.O batter all the time especially when this cold weahter is around, why waste the batter.

  3. great snack..perfect for raining day..frst time here..love ur space ...hapi to follow u ..glad if u do d same...


  4. Great snack dear..looks so appetizing and who would say no to this :)

  5. thats so perfect with a cup of hot tea. Happy to follow u :)

    Home Made Recipes

  6. Never had this but looks perfect for cold evening snacks

  7. Would be great with a cup of coffee... Tempting. First time here and happy to follow u. Do join me when u fine time

  8. Perfect with the hot tea. My mom used to give this as our tea time snack when we return from school. So delicious when we have hot right. Luv it.

  9. i know these..famous of ap na....btw nice cliks...n yummy snack

  10. Yummy snack, looks delicious.

    First time here, you have a lovely space, happy to follow you :)

    Spill the Spices

  11. looks delicious,good idea for using leftover batter..

  12. Delicious way to use leftover batter. I will try this.

  13. I love this punugulu all time fav.

  14. Looks wonderful and healthy too :)


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